2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir Timshel Choose 1: 3-Pack (750ml) $108 or  1 Magnum (1.5ml) $72

2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir Timshel Choose 1: 3-Pack (750ml) $108 or 1 Magnum (1.5ml) $72

The Vintage: 2016 saw the end of the drought in The Sta. Rita Hills.  The winter was cold and wet.  Spring was cool and long. Bud break was later than in the previous 3 years and so, in turn, was harvest... back to actually laboring over Labor Day Weekend!  The crop was about average, both in tonnage and berry size. This allowed us to set aside one ton for our first rosé of Pinot Noir. From a single Block, clone 115, we harvested in the pre-dawn hours in order to get the fruit, still cold, to our winery in Santa Barbara. 

40 cases 750ml

70 Bottles 1.5L ~ 1st ever Magnum release!

Harvested August 27, 2016


Farming ~ Organic

The site: Organically farmed and planted on tierra loam soils, as well as diatomaceous outcroppings (lots of crushed sea shells and river rocks), this very west slope gets pounded by the onshore flow coming off the Pacific. The struggle these vines endure to send their roots deep into the signature Sta. Rita Hills dense black clay soil to steady themselves against the constant wind from this elevated plot give the fruit’s juice added complexity. 

Winemaking: After harvesting one ton from a single block in the wee hours of the morning we brought the fruit into our cellar and foot-stomped about 25% of the fruit and let it sit overnight. We then loaded our vintage Coquard Champagne press and put it into 100% stainless steel to ferment and age for 12 months. We racked, filtered and bottled it in August 2017.

Tasting Notes: The beautiful coral color comes from the overnight skin contact and soaking, which also provides a nice weight, texture and savoriness to the silky mouth feel. The wine is crisp and bone dry. It has lively acidity with high citrus notes, rose petal, pear blossom and delicate dark cherry notes. Enjoy chilled on a warm evening at sunset. Don't forget the cheese plate.

Timshel is taken from the last word of John Steinbeck's novel East of Eden. Translated from Hebrew as, "Thou mayest", it inspired us to make this rosé using our vintage Champagne press. 

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